Driving license Guide


Before starting your driving license journey, it is essential that you learn to drive in Oman under a certified driving instructor. Your instructor will familiarize you with the rules, systems and roads. And once he/she feels that you are ready, you will be assigned a date for your driving test. 


There are four tests which you need to pass in the following sequence: 

  1. Traffic sign test -  To examine your capability to identify various road signs.

  2. Drum test – To examine your skills to reverse through two rows of drums without touching any of the drums.

  3. Slope test – To examine your skills to move up a slope from a standstill position without rolling backwards.

  4. Road test – To test your driving capability on the road amid traffic.

Eligibility & requirements

Who is eligible :

  • Both males and females 18 years of age or above.

Documents required :

  1. 2 passport size photographs.
  2. A filled application form.
  3. A sponsor approval letter.
  4. Xerox copies of passport & labor card for expatriates.

Pass the following test :

  1. Fitness test: You must be fit and free from any handicaps or diseases that hamper the ability to drive. Persons with certain disabilities may be medically examined in order to decide whether they are fit to drive or not.
  2. Eye test: This test has to be cleared prior to obtaining the learning license booklet. 

For those who already have a driving license from their respective countries.


Tests No.2 (Drum test) and No.3 (Slope Test) are exempted. Only tests No.1 (Sign Test) and No.4 (Road Test) need to be passed.


 To avail this privilege one should have a valid driving license from his/her country, which should be atleast one year old, and a photo copy of the driving license attested by the respective Embassy or other relevant authorities.

Obtaining learning license (LL) from Royal Oman Police (ROP)

Documents required:

    1. 2-3 passport size photographs with a blue background.
    2. 1 -2 photo copies of your resident/labor card.
    3. Request for learning license application form. ( Filled in local language)
    4. Attested and valid DL. (applicable to those who already have a DL from their respective countries)
    5. Five Riyals fee.(payable by card, not cash)


ROP will then issue a LL booklet and thereafter you will be eligible to undergo training under a certified driving instructor.


PS: Keep the required documents ready beforehand and take them with you when visiting the ROP office.



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